Amiyaki Tenderloin grilled yakiniku-style

Sukiyaki Iroha

Yakiniku with warishita sauce

To start, your server will prepare the first round of meat for you.
This amiyaki (grilled dish) is yakiniku done the Iroha way, with our warishita soy sauce.

Kyoto beef tenderloin

Thick-cut tenderloin is marinated in warishita soy sauce and placed on the grill. The meal will begin with the deep flavors of wagyu (Japanese beef).

Grilled to your taste

The meat is ready once it’s slightly singed, but you can cook it to your taste.

Iroha’s special sauce

Enjoy the deep flavor of the steak with a sauce made from warishita and vinegared ponzu sauce mixed with chopped scallions and ground sesame.

The rest is up to you

Now add more meat, vegetables, and other ingredients and grill them as you like.
This meal comes with a simple appetizer, salad, rice, pickled vegetables, and fruit.