Mizutaki Shabu-shabu

Sukiyaki Iroha

Kombu dashi

To begin, your server will prepare the first round of meat for you.
Iroha’s mizudaki is prepared by dipping the meat briefly in kombu dashi broth. This dish is similar to shabu-shabu .

Start with vegetables

First, napa cabbage is put into the boiling broth.

Kyoto beef sirloin

Iroha uses a sirloin that is sliced slightly thicker than shabu-shabu.
Be sure to savor the deep flavors of this wagyu.

Cook it lightly

The meat is dipped briefly in the hot broth. When its color starts to change, it is ready to eat. If you wait too long it will lose its tenderness.

Special sauce

Iroha’s mizudaki is eaten lightly seasoned with ponzu dipping sauce. In addition to the ponzu, which is made with our special warishita sauce, you can add grated daikon radish, chopped scallions, and sudachi lime, as well as sprinkling on a shichimi pepper blend.

The finale

Be sure to taste the soup, which is full of the rich flavor of the vegetables and Kyoto beef.
This dish comes with a simple appetizer, rice, pickled vegetables, and fruit.