Shio-yaki Sirloin sautéed with salt

Sukiyaki Iroha

Plenty of olive oil

To start, your server will prepare the first round of meat for you.
An iron pot is filled with plenty of olive oil and heated up.

Starting with Kyoto beef

Slices of sirloin are laid in the pot. The meal will begin with the deep flavors of wagyu (Japanese beef).

Simply delicious

Enjoy the simple, hearty flavor of meat seasoned with a light sprinkling of rock salt.

Special warishita sauce

Dip the steak in a sauce made from warishita and ponzu that includes chopped scallions, ground sesame, and sudachi lime.

The rest is up to you.

Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the meat, put in the vegetables and infuse them with the deep, rich flavor of the sauce.
This meal comes with a simple appetizer, rice, pickled vegetables, and fruit.